Roughness Parameters for Classification of As-Built AM Surfaces [post]

B. Richter, N. Blanke, C. Werner, F. Vollertsen, F. Pfefferkorn
2021 unpublished
One of the challenges facing the industrial adoption of additively manufactured parts is the surface roughness on the as-built part. The surface roughness of parts is frequently characterized by metrics specified by international standards organizations. However, these standards list many surface metrics that can make it unclear which to use to best describe the surface. In this work, the ability of the various surface metrics to successfully classify the as-built and post-processed surfaces is
more » ... studied using linear classification models. Laser polishing via remelting and manual grinding are the post-processing techniques used to smooth the as-built surface. The ability of the linear classifier to successfully categorize the various surfaces is demonstrated, and the various surface metrics are ranked according to the strength of their individual ability to classify the surfaces. This work promotes the method as a potential way to autonomously classify as-built and laser polished surfaces.
doi:10.20944/preprints202101.0596.v1 fatcat:wmq2w5okzvbtpo43qwkb73tpau