An Approach to Dynamic Disaster Prevention in Strong Rock Burst Coal Seam under Multi-Aquifers: A Case Study of Tingnan Coal Mine

Xinxin Zhou, Zhenhua Ouyang, Ranran Zhou, Zhenxing Ji, Haiyang Yi, Zhongyi Tang, Bo Chang, Chengcheng Yang, Bingcheng Sun
2021 Energies  
In order to prevent the multi-dynamic disasters induced by rock burst and roof water inrush in strong rock burst coal seams under multi-aquifers, such as is the case with the 207 working face in the Tingnan coal mine considered in this study, the exhibited characteristics of two types of dynamic disasters, namely rock burst and water inrush, were analyzed. Based on the lithology and predicted caving height of the roof, the contradiction between rock burst and water inrush was analyzed. In light
more » ... of these analyses, an integrated method, roof pre-splitting at a high position and shattering at a low position, was proposed. According to the results of numerical modelling, pre-crack blasting at higher rock layers enables a cantilever roof cave in time, thereby reducing the risk of rock burst, and pre-crack blasting at underlying rock layers helps increase the crushing degree of the rock, which is beneficial for decreasing the caving height of rock layers above goaf, thereby preventing the occurrence of water inrush. Finally, the proposed method was applied in an engineering case, and the effectiveness of this method for prevention and control of multi-dynamics disasters was evaluated by field observations of the caving height of rock layers and micro-seismic monitoring. As a result, the proposed method works well integrally to prevent and control rock burst and water inrush.
doi:10.3390/en14217287 fatcat:dww7z6ykkfcqtazuhjkk5lkniq