Rewards for Academic Advising: An Evaluation

1983 NACADA Journal  
hen who were intuwcd in ciustcrinp. (We called them hard-core clwcren.) h ~d m ~~ who chose to take the cwrscs were generally more serious and betla ~ivated but not necessarily brighter. (GryU rarely took clustered courses.) Finally. we e teachers money for dass lunches, trips to the thaer, parties. paml dinuslons -Jtevcr they felt would foster academic cxcdlem and a senre of community among the Jents. Fhe cxpuimuu worked. The clustering of courses was so nrcowsful that under the ns of the new
more » ... uniculum of Fardham CoHege, which took effect fa8 of 1980, an ,hmcn now take two clusters, one in the fall and one in the spring. Although the Grylls r he worldamong the faculty and students (both, by nature, very softaue clusterers) o must teach and take duslered copses, the system mntinucs to be successful in fostaa sense of cornmuoily In tho dassroom. Ir I look back over what I have written here, I realiie I have Jaid a great deal about rdham College, end I hope that my experience there. particularly with the Valua Pro. l r n , might be of some hdp to others who must fwd ways to build community or commities in their own institutions and in the process create M environment that will sup-1-1 the t f f m to advise students weU. If the experience of Fordham proves not to be spful, then I ask that when faced with cynicism, indiffmnee, pessiunisrn. selfishness. or igue in your own institution. you not despair, but rather. Like the palma, shrug your ~ufdcrs, remember Oryll, and continue the quest. It's the only way to live.
doi:10.12930/0271-9517-3.2.53 fatcat:5ikqmz7jkff2pgiadxwk6htvwm