Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Kinetic study of hydrolysis of N-salicylidene-m-methyl aniline spectrophotomerically

Anil Kirdant, Vinod Shelke, Sunil Shankarwar, Anil Shankarwar, T Chondhekar
2011 J. Chem. Pharm. Res   unpublished
Kinetics of hydrolysis reaction of the Schiff base, N-salicylidene-m-methyl aniline (HL) have been studied in the pH range 2.86-12.30 in the temperature range 293-308 K. A rate profile diagram of pH v/s rate constant shows the rate minimum in the pH range 5.21-10.22 and reaches a plateau at pH > 10.73. Suitable reaction mechanism has been suggested for the hydrolysis of the Schiff base in acidic, neutral and basic medium. From the effect of temperature on the rate, various thermodynamic
more » ... ermodynamic parameters have been evaluated.