1P1-D07 A Steering Assist Control Method in Curve Road Using Car-to-car Communication(Car Robotics)
1P1-D07 車車間通信を利用した曲路における自動操舵制御手法(【交通・物流部門】カー・ロボティクス)

Masahiro DOI, Takahiro WADA, Shun'ichi DOI, Naohiko TSURU, Kazuyoshi ISAJI, Shou MORIKAWA
2012 The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec)  
Many research studies regarding the lane keep assist system has been reported to reduce the driver ' s load and the car accidents . Ability of such systems are strongly depends on the recognition technology of road environment . A sensor fUsion method is an optien te increase robustness in environmental recognition 」 n this paper , we propose a new method to estimate vi 血 1al road boundary information without measuring road boundary Clirectly . The virttlal road boundary is generated using the
more » ... elative position ofthe lead vehicle measured by the sensor and the veloeity and steering wheel angle ofthe lead vehicle given by the car −to−car communication . Then , a steering assist colltrol with a simple judgment method ofits activation timing
doi:10.1299/jsmermd.2012._1p1-d07_1 fatcat:sn76pxriw5cexnu2lemqawqqqi