LGBT Activism in India: The Need to Address Gender and Caste System

2016 An International Refereed English e-Journal Impact Factor: 2.24 (IIJIF)   unpublished
Discourses of gender and sexuality have ceased to be mere counter narratives against the established thought praxis, but fluid arguments constantly questioning the known and unknown. Rather than creating theoretical frameworks they have moved into the realms of Law, Public Policy, Activism and Social change. This encouraging trend has moved into the discourses by, for, of the LGBT community. Over the years, the questions posed by the community has moved from demanding basic rights granted under
more » ... ights granted under the constitution treating everybody as one and the same to the more complex questions of structure and hegemony behind the isolation under which the community is shackled. One such revealing factor that has only now come to the public forum is how caste is used as an isolation strategy in this community. Exploring castes also can serve the purpose if understanding how the government tries to impart its narrow interpretation through retrograde laws. Does caste plays a role in defining what is natural or unnatural sexual orientation? Does the practice of controlling a woman's body and through that her economic and social freedom is trying to subtly establish in the relationships under this community? Does the law encourage this attitude as the existing social more? This paper attempts to explore these themes and bring out perspectives to extend the discourses and counter discourses in LGBT community and thus making a progressive step in their struggle for acceptance.