Temperature dependence of the elastic constant of Borassus Flabellifier 'BF' material by acoustic response

Sushil Phadke, B DShrivastava, N Dagaonkar, Ashutosh Mishra
2012 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
Borassus Flabellifier 'BF' stand in the socio-economy of the human race, apart fro m their significant contribution to beautify the urban landscapes as horticulture ornamentals because the use of BF in different manner in med icine and industries for different purposes. India is veritable emporiu m of medicinal and aro matic trees. It has been estimated those trees occurring in India are commonly useful. Neera natural liquid is useful for different purpose like in b iomed ical, chemical
more » ... es etc. Ultrasonic velocity has proved to be useful in understanding the physicochemical behaviour of the particular system. .Toddy (natural liquid of palm tree Borassus flabellifier) is chemically alcoholic behaviour on fermentation. It is used medicinally as a detersive astringent in intestinal troubles .Neera natural liquid is considered as a nutritious drink as containing a nu mber of minerals salts and high in p rotein. It also contains acids like ascorbic acid, nicotin ic acid and riboflavin. Neera syrup is produced when fresh Neera is heated and concentrated into syrup. This is used as a healthy drink in connection with Aurvade and other systems of medicine. Each liquid has a different ultrasonic velocity and angle of specific rotation; it's depending on content and concentration of the liquid. The change in the wavelength of ultrasonic waves in different mediu m is due to the elastic properties and the induced particles vibrations in the mediu m. The study of propagation of ultrasonic wave in liquid systems and solids is now rather well established. Dielectric properties of wood have both theoretical and industrial applicat ions. They also provide a better understanding of the molecu lar structure of wood and wood-water interactions. Dielectric propert ies of wood were affected significantly by moisture content for all anisotropic directions. All the study was done by using NDT technique. The Sample were taken fro m District Dhar (M.P.) India
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/365/1/012017 fatcat:gpw4v6rabvgpbi2ewbq6i253ka