Storage shear modulus of columnar structure formed in an immiscible polymer blend under electric fields

Kohei Aida, Yang Ho Na, Tomoyuki Nagaya, Hiroshi Orihara
2009 Physical Review E  
Oscillatory measurements of a columnar structure were performed, which was formed in an immiscible polymer blend subjected to an electric field. The formation process was observed through a confocal scanning laser microscope and the structure for the measurements was confirmed to be well defined. The storage shear modulus at low frequencies increased with increasing the electric field. A linear relation was found between the storage shear modulus and the square of the electric field. The static
more » ... c field. The static modulus calculated on the basis of the Maxwell stress exerted on the interface and interfacial tension was in good agreement with the experimental result.
doi:10.1103/physreve.80.041807 pmid:19905333 fatcat:gnwqqs3vbraapd6vcd77f3fage