Kinetics and Mechanism of Chlorination of N-Acetylglycin by Chloramine-T In Acidic Medium

Noor Saeed
1999 Journal of education and science  
The kinetics of chlorination of N-acetylglycin (AG) with sodium Nchloro -p-toluene sulphonamide (CAT) in presence of HCL has been studied at 318 o K . The reaction rate shows afirst -order dependence each on [CAT] and [H + ] and zero order dependence on [AG]. The Variation of ionic strength of the medium or chloride ion had no significant effect on the reaction rate. Addition of P-TSA is marginally affected the reaction rate. The rate increase with decreasing dielectric constant of the medium.
more » ... he stiochiometry of the reaction was found 1:1 and the oxidation producte were identified. The thermodynamic parameters were computed. The mechanism proposed and the derived rate law were in agreement with the observed kinetics.
doi:10.33899/edusj.1999.58805 fatcat:6mrmcnx345ezdcto37kilkha7y