Ali Imron Al-Ma'ruf
2015 Kajian Linguistik dan Sastra  
The learning of multiculturalism opens ones' fundamental reality in society. This article aims to describe the learning of multicultural literature at school with applying to novel "Burung-burung Rantau" (BbR), a work of Y.B. Mangunwijaya in Semiotics analysis. Indonesian multicultural literature is expected from the process of 'Indonesianisation' from many good cultural expressions of local colour, nation, and global-universal. With enthusiasm of posmodernisme, multicultural literature can
more » ... ce religion limit, culture, class, ethnic, and nation. Novel BbR expresses brainchild multicultural past event of tissue and actors: Anggi, Neti, Bowo, and Candra. Brainchild multiculture in BbR among others covers: (1) the born of generation post-Indonesia in educations values of multiculture, (2) the present generation that flies freely to every where even to the foreign state or to their own world, (3) the escape from the tradition ties and local cultures even from their national culture so they have freedom in creativity, (4) the melting of local and national culture, west and east, (5) education values of multicultural pierce in ethnic limits, religion, nationality, class, and gender. Learning of multicultural literatures leads to harmony with cultures of social transformation existences and life value changes to global culture. For that case, immediate literature teachers are needed to realize the multicultural paradigms.
doi:10.23917/kls.v19i1.4410 doaj:461b931a4f814b70b7551431dd0ed4fb fatcat:x7ctfiez25ffdmp63ogefizq3u