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2007 Lithuanian Historical Studies  
annotations Pirmieji pranciškonų žingsniai Lietuvoje XII-XVII a.: straipsnių rinkinys / Studia Franciscana Lithuanica 1 [The First Steps of the Franciscans in Lithuania in the Twelfth to Seventeenth Centuries], compiled by Darius Baronas, Vilnius: Aidai, 2006. Pp. 147. iSBn 9955-656-27-1 This book begins a new series of publications Studia Franciscana Lithuanica devoted to research into the history of all branches of the Franciscan order active in Lithuania. The said series is to bring
more » ... ns of articles, historical sources, archival and bibliographical information. This book consists of the material from the international academic conference 'The Franciscans in the grand Duchy of Lithuania from its Establishment to the Seventeenth Century' held on 18 September 2004. it focuses on the early history of the Friars Minor in the gDL: the Franciscan missionaries and martyrs in Lithuania in the thirteenth-fourteenth centuries; strengthening of the position of the Franciscan order (Conventuals) in Lithuania in the fif teenth century: Vilnius example; the Franciscan Monastery and Virgin Mary's Church in Vilnius (14th-17th centuries); the oldest Franciscan monasteries in Lithuania (15th century) based on visit statements of the provincials, giovanni Donato Caputo (1569-1598) and Adomas goskis (1612-1615); the Lithuanian vicariate and Franciscan monasteries in Pinsk and Drohiczyn; the Friars Minor -the Bernardines -in the gDL in 1468-1628. D. Vilimas. Lietuvos Didžiosios Kunigaikštystės žemės teismo sistemos formavimasis (1564-1588) [Formation of the Land Court System in the grand Duchy of Lithuania (1564-1588)], Vilnius: Lietuvos istorijos instituto leidykla , 2006. Pp. 288. iSBn 9986-780-83-7 This book reveals attempts of the ruling circles of the gDL to navigate in the complex European politics at the close of the sixteenth century and to retain a state of Lithuania. one of the most interesting problems of that period is examined, i.e. creation of the new independent land-court in powiats (districts) managed by noblemen. its development is discussed along with the work of the new land courts until coming into effect of the Third Lithuanian Statute in 1588.
doi:10.30965/25386565-01201008 fatcat:upmvm7dq3fcuzcz7lp425svvqa