Dexamethasone-stimulated expression of a proviral copy of mouse mammary tumor virus env mRNA

D L Robertson
1984 Journal of Virology  
The kinetic~s-of dexamethasone induction of mouse mammary tumor virus RNAs in a cell line (designated line 8) which contains a deleted proviral DNA has been examined. This DNA is an apparent reverse transcription product of the env mRNA. A detectable increase in the 3.8-kilobase RNA (mouse mammary tumor virus env mRNA) was present within 15 min after hormone addition. The 2.5-kilobase RNA detected previously during hormone induction studies was also observed in these cells. Both RNAs increased
more » ... oth RNAs increased in concentration up to about 4 h after hormone addition and thereafter attained the steady-state level. Pr73e'"' was detected by immunoprecipitation and appeared to be identical to bona fide Pr73eM"' isolated from wildtype mouse mammary tumor virus-infected cells. An additional 5.7 kilobases of RNA was detected in augmented quantities after hormone addition, but the structure of this RNA is not known. on May 9, 2020 by guest
doi:10.1128/jvi.50.2.632-635.1984 fatcat:wcrazrnc4behhdlbie2mchpyyu