Correspondence between formulations of Avrami and Gompertz equations for untreated tumor growth kinetics

N. A. Villar Goris, A. R. Selva Castañeda, E. E. Ramirez-Torres, J. Bory Reyes, L. Randez, L. E. Bergues Cabrales, J. I. Montijano
2020 Revista mexicana de física  
The classical and modified equations of Kolmogorov-Johnson-Mehl-Avrami are compared with the equations of conventional Gompertz andMontijano-Bergues-Bory-Gompertz, in the frame of growth kinetics of tumors. For this, different analytical and numerical criteria are usedto demonstrate the similarity between them, in particular the distance of Hausdorff. The results show that these equations are similar fromthe mathematical point of view and the parameters of the Gompertz equation are explicitly
more » ... on are explicitly related to those of the Avrami equation. It isconcluded that Modified Kolmogorov-Johnson-Mehl-Avrami and Montijano-Bergues-Bory-Gompertz equations can be used to describe thegrowth kinetics of unperturbed tumors.
doi:10.31349/revmexfis.66.632 fatcat:mb66hcj4jzet7m54k3giw22l6e