A robust implicit–explicit acoustic-transport splitting scheme for two-phase flows

S. Peluchon, G. Gallice, L. Mieussens
2017 Journal of Computational Physics  
In this paper, a splitting strategy to simulate compressible two-phase flows using the five-equation model is presented. The main idea of the splitting is to separate the acoustic and transport phenomena. The acoustic step is solved in a non-conservative form using a scheme based on an approximate Riemann solver. Since the acoustic time step induced by the fast sound velocity is very restrictive, an implicit treatment of this step is performed. For the transport step driven by the slow material
more » ... waves, an explicit scheme is used. Although non-conservative forms are used to derive numerical schemes for the two steps, the overall scheme resulting from this splitting operator strategy is conservative. It preserves contact discontinuities and reveals to be very robust compared to a standard unsplit scheme. Numerical simulations of compressible two-phase flows are presented on two-dimensional structured grids. The implicit-explicit strategy allows large time steps, which do not depend on the fast acoustic waves.
doi:10.1016/j.jcp.2017.03.019 fatcat:3z6vacnzrjfdfpbbg5r6sxgzmi