Investigation of Cutting Conditions for Stable Machining and Machinability Evaluation in Milling Process of Al7050-T7451 by Response Surface Methodology
Al7050-T7451 소재의 밀링가공에서 반응표면법에 의한 가공성평가 및 가공안정화를 위한 절삭조건선정

Joon-Young Koo, Mun-Ho Cho, Hyuk Kim, Jeong-Suk Kim
2014 Journal of the korean society of manufacturing technology engineers  
ARTICLE INFO ABSTRACT Article history: Aluminum alloy is a core material for structural parts of aircraft and automobiles to reduce the weight and maintain high specific strength. This study evaluates the machinability and investigates the optimal cutting conditions considering the surface integrity and productivity for Al7050-T7451 milling. The machining variables considered are the feed per tooth, spindle speed, axial depth of the cut, and radial depth of the cut. The machinability evaluation
more » ... nability evaluation of Al7050-T7451 is conducted by analyzing the cutting force signals, acceleration signals, AE signals, and machined surface conditions. The optimal cutting conditions are determined by analyzing the experimental results using response surface methodology for stable machining considering the productivity and surface integrity.
doi:10.7735/ksmte.2014.23.3.284 fatcat:nu44wq4fevg3xkhmeuiwuwgcui