Monte Carlo Simulations of a single polymer chain under an external force in two and three dimensions

M. Wittkop, J.U. Sommer, Stefan Kreitmeier, Dietmar Göritz
The deformation behavior of a single polymer chain subjected to an external force was studied by Computer simulations. Both random walks and self-avoiding walks were investigated. The simulations were performed in two and three dimensions using the bond fluctuation model. The projection of the end-to-end vector in the force direction as a function of the applied force was compared to the scaling function obtained from renormalization group studies, covering the füll interesting force regime.
more » ... ng force regime. The differences in the crossover between the linear force and Pincus-scaling regime were studied. PACS number(s): 05.40. +j, 83.10.Nn, 83.20.Jp
doi:10.5283/epub.11410 fatcat:gykp4gad65cltcyjz4qo232tau