Разработка мероприятий по совершенствованию системы управления персоналом предприятия

Виктор Шлямин, экономики и торговли менеджмента, Максим Измайлов, Евгений Артёменко
When analyzing the influence of factors and restrictions on the process of developing a personnel management system, it is advisable to proceed not only from scientific interpretations of various types of situations, but also rely on the data of social diagnostics or social moni-toring of the problem being studied. The paper will consider the defini-tion of a personnel management system. Issues of creation and func-tioning under the changing circumstances of the organization's activi-ties will
more » ... s activi-ties will be considered, the main principles for the formation of the per-sonnel management system are outlined, the role of the work mecha-nism in the personnel management system of an enterprise is defined, and the effectiveness of the personnel management system is evaluated. A financial evaluation of the organization will be conducted. There will also be proposed a method to bring the structure of the enterprise into a more perfect form with the economic justification of the project.
doi:10.18720/spbpu/3/2019/vr/vr19-4190 fatcat:4qtyx2ioyvfozaz7r7yky423vu