Pulse buildup dynamics of an actively mode-locked laser diode array in the external cavity

Chi-Luen Wang, Jahn-Chung Kuo, C.-S. Chang, Ci-Ling Pan
1995 IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics  
Dynamic pulse evolution characteristics of an actively mode-locked laser diode array in the external cavity have been investigated. Numerical calculations based on modified traveling-wave rate equations reproduce experimentally observed pulse and spectral width evolution and show that the buildup time is about 45 round-trips. We have also performed a theoretical analysis to understand which of the laser operating parameters would affect the buildup dynamics. It is shown that either higher dc
more » ... s current or larger radiative recombination coefficient (which is inversely proportional to the excited-state lifetime) will render the laser exhibiting shorter steady-state pulse width and faster evolution to the steady state. Other parameters affecting the buildup, but to a lesser extent, include the radio-frequency (RF) modulation current, spontaneous emission coefficient, and gain coefficient. The power reflectivities of the output mirror and the antireflection coated diode facet, on the other hand, have little effect on the pulse width and buildup time for single pulse generation.
doi:10.1109/3.364398 fatcat:aj74xqwq65hgdjevligbpavawa