Node embeddings in dynamic graphs

Ferenc Béres, Domokos M. Kelen, Róbert Pálovics, András A. Benczúr
2019 Applied Network Science  
In this paper, we present algorithms that learn and update temporal node embeddings on the fly for tracking and measuring node similarity over time in graph streams. Recently, several representation learning methods have been proposed that are capable of embedding nodes in a vector space in a way that captures the network structure. Most of the known techniques extract embeddings from static graph snapshots. By contrast, modeling the dynamics of the nodes in temporal networks requires evolving
more » ... ode representations. In order to update node representations that reflect the temporal changes in the local graph structure, we rely on ideas for data stream algorithms. For example, we assess neighborhood overlap by a MinHash fingerprint-based algorithm. To evaluate our methods, in addition to the standard link prediction task, we provide dynamic ground truth data for the quantitative evaluation of similarity search by using online updated node embeddings. In our experiments, we constructed tennis tournament Twitter mention graphs as edge streams and compiled dynamic ground truth by using tournament schedule as external source. Our new algorithms outperformed snapshot-based batch methods for both link prediction and similarity search.
doi:10.1007/s41109-019-0169-5 fatcat:2bwsewieobbg7hkrd2qu3wmnmi