Codegree of simple Lie groups-II

Hideaki Ōshima, Akira Kono
Introduction In [19] the τz-th codegree (number) cdg(X,ή)^Z and its stable version 5 cdg(X, n)^Z were defined for every pair of a path-connected space X and a positive integer n. In [18], s cdg p (G, 3), the exponent of a prime p in s cdg(G, 3), was determined for some simply connected simple Lie groups G. The purpose of this paper is to continue computing (s) cdg(G, n) for some (G,n). We use notations in [19] and [18]. Our results are the following. Theorem 1. Ifr^3,then r ^scdg 2 (Spin(n), 3)
more » ... scdg 2 (Spin(n), 3) ^r+1 for 2 r^n^2r +6, s cdg 2 (Spin(n), 3) = r+1 far 2 r +7^n^ 2 r+ι -1 .
doi:10.18910/3562 fatcat:5eml4aoz6zeqhfb7v45fgevjzi