Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Interval Timing: Evolutionary Strategies to Time Information

Valter Tucci
2012 Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience  
Sleep, circadian rhythms, and interval timing are evolutionary well-conserved functions that are widely shared throughout the animal kingdom. A crucial property of the brain is to make use of internal clock mechanisms (e.g., circadian) to locate events in time. From a neurobiological and computational point of view, clock mechanisms can be seen as strategies that involve information processing of internal biological states at different time scales (Tucci, 2011; Tucci et al., 2014).
doi:10.3389/fnint.2011.00092 pmid:22319478 pmcid:PMC3250947 fatcat:nbld6jsn6vb5pdmh2755tc5one