Major gene interaction identification in Hanwoo by adjusted environmental effects
환경적인 요인을 보정한 한우의 우수 유전자 조합 선별

Jea-Young Lee, Mi-Hyun Jin
2012 Journal of the Korean Data and Information Science Society  
Human diseases and livestock economic traits are not typically the result of variation of a single genetic locus, but are rather the result of interplay between interactions among multiple genes and a variety of environmental exposures. We have used linear regression model for adjusted environmental effects and multifactor dimensionality reduction (MDR) method to identify gene-gene interaction effect of statistical model in general. Of course, we use 5 SNPs (single uncleotide polymorphism)
more » ... were studied recently by Oh et al. (2011) . We apply the MDR (multifactor demensionality reduction) method on the identify major interaction effects of single nucleotide polymorphisms responsible for economic traits in a Korean cattle population.
doi:10.7465/jkdi.2012.23.3.467 fatcat:yet7no6t2bhn3kwifmdp5pdiae