The attainable superconductingTcin a model of phase coherence by percolating

D Mihailovic, V. V Kabanov, K. A Müller
2002 Europhysics letters  
The onset of macroscopic phase coherence in superconducting cuprates is considered to be determined by random percolation between mesoscopic Jahn-Teller pairs, stripes or clusters. The model is found to predict the onset of superconductivity near 6% doping, maximum Tc near 15% doping and Tc= T* at optimum doping, and accounts for the destruction of superconductivity by Zn doping near 7%. The model also predicts a relation between the pairing (pseudogap) energy and Tc in terms of experimentally measurable quantities.
doi:10.1209/epl/i2002-00569-0 fatcat:ocbuem3yobchze4ncyfjrztnru