Novel media, coconut bile salt medium for aflaltoxigenic mold detection

Bordin Butr-Indr
2012 Journal of Associated Medical Sciences  
Aflatoxins are potent carcinogen contaminated in food. The toxins produce by Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus. Both of these molds habitually isolated in environment and agriculture stuff in Thailand. Detection of aflatoxins is essential for food manufacturing. This study deliberate novel media for determination of aflatoxin in the culture media, produced by aflatoxigenic molds contaminated in the sample anchored in examination of blue fluorescence obtainable under UV light
more » ... der UV light explosion. The media encourage growth, control colonies size and induce aflatoxin production of aflatoxingenic molds. The sensitivity and specificity of CBSM inductions were 103 spores for 4 days culture at 25oC and false positive and negative were not established. The sample representation (chili powder) presented appropriate weight of sample used for 0.5 gm. per test plate. The coconut bile salt medium (CBSM) established 8 of 10 samples were originated aflatoxigenic molds. The CBSM revealed positive fluorescence related with thin layer chromatography. This study presented prospective and compassion of CBSM as a novel media for aflatoxicgenic fungi detection medium. CBSM was efficient, uncomplicated and appropriate for developing country and under-developing country.
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