Bipartite Tracking Consensus Control of Nonlinear High-Order Multi-Agent Systems Subject to Exogenous Disturbances

Qiang Wang, Weimin Zhong, Jiapeng Xu, Wangli He, Dayu Tan
2019 IEEE Access  
This study concentrates on the bipartite tracking consensus for nonlinear high-order multi-agent systems(MASs) subject to exogenous disturbances over a signed directed graph. First, under the condition of nonlinear dynamics, two new control protocols are proposed to guarantee high-order bipartite tracking consensus under two cases with and without exogenous disturbances, respectively. Second, a disturbance observer is designed to estimate the external disturbances which originated from an
more » ... al system. Third, to provide some efficient criteria for high-order bipartite consensus of MASs, we propose a novel pinning nodes selected scheme and get the lower bound of the pinning gains. Furthermore, by virtue of Lyapunov stability theory and graph theory, sufficient conditions for bipartite tracking consensus control of nonlinear high-order MASs subject to external disturbances are presented. Finally, simulations are performed for demonstration. INDEX TERMS MASs, bipartite consensus, high-order, exogenous disturbances.
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2944759 fatcat:tcqyh5mlynhh5cwovgumjpitvi