Investigation of Literary Translation based on historical periods in Iran

Ali Rezayi
2015 unpublished
Literary translation is the replacement or displacement concepts of literary text a language (source) with its equivalent in another language concepts (target language) as a literary work is no longer in the target language. Literary translation has its own principles, which lack a full understanding of these principles makes the translation of literary desired shape not And it should not be the result of a translation of the source language text indicates similar or close to the original text
more » ... oth in terms of style and what will not semantically. This study is devoted to the literary translation of Iranian literature. The main contribution of this paper is to translate Persian literatures to the other languages such as Arabic and English. The division of the source language text to the appropriate departments and units and adopt a reasonable approach to text translation It can be expected that the translation is very close to the original text and in some cases even better than the source language text there. The method of literary translation in Iran on the basis of various historical periods is also presented, given its scientific justification, which is efficiency confirmed in practice as a result of shown skilled and experimental work.