Harmonizing risks and benefits of Library 3.0 tools in digital era

Leela Dhar, Mangi
<span title="">2017</span> <i > RESEARCH JOURNAL OF MULTIDISCIPLINARY STUDIES </i> &nbsp; <span class="release-stage">unpublished</span>
Purpose This paper provides a number of examples of how Web 3.0 technologies and approaches (Library 3.0) are being used within the library sector. The paper acknowledges that there are a variety of risks associated with such approaches. The paper describes the different types of risks and outlines a risk assessment and risk management approach which is being developed to minimize the dangers whilst allowing the benefits of Library 3.0 (Kwanya, Stilwell & Underwood 2014) to be realized.
more &raquo; ... methodology The paper outlines various risks and barriers which have been identified in India. A risk assessment and risk management approach which was initially developed to support use of Web 3.0 technologies is described and its potential for use within the wider library community, in conjunction with related approaches for addressing areas such as accessibility and protection of young people, is described. Findings Use of Library 3.0 approaches is becoming embedded across many Libraries which seek to exploit the benefits which such technologies can provide. The need to ensure that the associated risks are identified and appropriate mechanisms implemented to minimize such risks are beginning to be appreciated. Practical implications The areas described in this paper should be of relevance to many Library organisations which are making use of Library 3.0 services. Originality/value The paper should prove valuable to policy makers and Web practitioners within Libraries who may be aware of the potential benefits of Library 3.0 but have not considered associated risks.
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