An STM Observation of Bi-nanowire Growth on the Si(100) Surface

Shinji OHGAKI, Motoki TAKEI, Masamichi NAITOH, Satoshi NISHIGAKI, Nobuhiro OISHI, Fumiya SHOJI
2003 Shinku  
Bi atoms deposited on the Si (100) surface at temperatures higher than 400°C, form one-dimensional wires consisting of two chains of Bi dimers in the topmost layer. The dynamic process of Bi-nanowire formation has been investigated by scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) by performing in-situ observations at elevated temperatures. From the consecutive STM images taken after Bi deposition on the surface, we found that Bi-nanowires are formed by expelling atoms that compose an upper terrace at the
more » ... front of Bi-nanowire growth. When Bi-nanowires are formed toward a lower terrace approaching its step edge, peninsulas are newly formed near the wires. ( 14 ) J. Vac. Soc. Jpn. ( 真空)
doi:10.3131/jvsj.46.501 fatcat:2x3yuzpvunbjbm7up6f77sbd3e