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1879 Scientific American  
shunt across the terminals of the battery, this shunt can be drag of the spar. Spars have been very successfully worked painful respiration. 3. Shorter duration of the paroxysms so adjusted that the reading of the galvanometer shall return in this way at the station, and a number of spars have each of coughing. 4. The most confi rmed attack of whooping to ine same position as in the fi rst observation. When this withstood the explosions of six service boat torpedoes with· cough remains in statu
more » ... quo from the commencement of the is the case, the re�istance of the shunt is equal to the internal out any considerable damage. By this precaution the lifetime treatment, and it always appeared to him to diminish more resistance of the hattery." of the spar is prolonged. or less rapidly, but always in a time relatively short to its Lieute01ut Oouden conceived the idea that if the two A towing torpedo, capable of being towed on either quarter usual dura�ion. changes, viz. , shortening the resistance and applying the lor shifted from one quarter to the other while being towed, The vapors of carbolate of soda have valuablE: disinfecting shunt, were made simultaneously, there would be at the first has been designed, aud the trials had with a little working and antiseptic properties. instant no movement of the needle, if the proper shunt were ! model give promise of success with a larger and more prac· It is worthy of note in this connection tLat the fungoid fi rst chosen. He availed himself of the two keys used in ticable one. origin of whooping cough, asserted some years since by M. manipulating the Wheatstone bridge to carry out the idea. i Experiments have also been made with the fittings de· Svetzerich, seems to be confirmed by the recent researches The results were quite satisfactory, but the two keys being signed for fast torpedo launches, with a view to determine of M. Yschamer, who says he has found certain lower organ· independent of each other and far apart required two fingers the requisite strength for a beam spar. The results have isms in the spittle of whooping cough patients-organisms to press them, and sometimes failed to operate with complete been satisfactory. not met with in any other disease accompanied by cough simultaneity. '1'0 remedy this Professor Farmer had made! A small non-automatic hand lamp, constructed by Mr. and expectoration. He claims, further, that the organismE for Lieutenant CoudeLl a key with a single fi nger piece, but Farmer, for use on the torpedo boat Lightning, has proved in question are identical with those which, by their agglo. with two independent mntact clusers, which admitted of very advantageous as a means of signaling when its beams meration, form the black points on the skins of oranges and .. , e , .. effect upon the boat and spar is reduced; the spar recoils substitute is found in a fire brick heated enough to vaporize ERRATUM.-In our issue of January 18, p. 35. in the ar. usually from 10 to 15 fel't, but not past the balancing point, . the carbolate. In numerous cases the following results have ticle on the Columbia bicycle, the description should read: therefore not (·oming into the boat. A ready man at the been obtained: "The front wheel bearings are conical anrl wr)) hardened, heel rope..can (,:ll<i1y_ at this time, rig the spar in hy a pull on 1. A notable diminution of the paroxysms of coughing and titled with co ned fastenings. Thc India-ruhber is 1 the heel rope, leaviug the launch free to steam without the afkr from two to ten days' treatment. 2. Less labored and I inch on the front and % inch diameter on the back wheel."
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican02011879-72 fatcat:2tr5ej3p5febvcj6w2eai2zwle