Synthetic Studies of Zoanthamine/Norzoanthamine. Biogenetic-like One-Step Construction of the Heterocyclic Aminal Core (CDEFG Ring) from a Monocyclic Precursor

Naotsuka HIKAGE, Hironori FURUKAWA, Ken-ichi TAKAO, Susumu KOBAYASHI
2000 Chemical and pharmaceutical bulletin  
Biogenetic-like one-step construction of the pentacyclic aminal core of zoanthamine/norzoanthamine alkaloids was accomplished in high yield from the suitably protected monocyclic aminohydroxy diketocarboxylic acid 7 by heating in aqueous acetic acid.
doi:10.1248/cpb.48.1370 pmid:10993242 fatcat:l6pojndhmvbpjahqveb5ifkf2i