Some helminth parasites of freshwater birds from the South Island , New Zealand, with particular reference to trematodes of ducks

S. Rind, University Of Canterbury
The major groups of helminth parasites found in eleven species of freshwater birds of New Zealand are summarised. Thirteen genera of trematodes are listed, none of which has been previously recorded from New Zealand. All genera are cosmopolitan. Families represented are Notocotylidae, Echinostomatidae, Strigeidae, Schistosomatidae, Microphallidae, Psilostomatidae, Cyclocoelidae and Opisthorchiidae. Acanthocephala are also recorded. Pathogenicity and seasonal Variation of trematode infections
more » ... atode infections are discussed.
doi:10.26021/406 fatcat:2tfrvtgl5bagbaodhphk73ibzq