Ontologie et mathématiques : Théorie des Ensembles, théorie des Catégories, et théorie des Infinis, dans L'Être et l'événement, Logiques des mondes et L'Immanence des vérités

Alain Badiou
2020 Filozofski Vestnik  
This paper examines the relationship between philosophy and its conditions. The affirmation "mathematics is ontology", which I posited thirty years ago, has certain inconveniences. In this article, I present six varying possibilities for ontology. My own philosophical decision was to proclaim that being is a pure multiplicity, without the One and without any specific attribute such as "matter" or "spirit". This movement of thought brought me to study the mathematical condition of philosophy and
more » ... n of philosophy and to search for a rigorous structuration of my speculative decision within the field of mathematics. However, my initial postulate that "Being is the multiplicity without the One" is not a mathematical but a philosophical statement. This paper concludes with a presentation of the relationship between mathematics and philosophy in Being and Event, Logics of Worlds, and The Immanence of Truths.
doi:10.3986/fv.41.2.01 fatcat:zevqwraxofaz5f3kp2jqrqznee