Advanced fluorescent concentrator system design

J.C. Goldschmidt, M. Peters, P. Löper, O. Schultz, F. Dimroth, S.W. Glunz, A. Gombert, G. Willeke
This study investigates system designs to maximise the output of fluorescent concentrator systems with dyes and solar cells available today. Key features of an advanced concept presented in this paper are the collection of ultraviolet and visible radiation with fluorescent concentrators with GaInP solar cells attached to their edges, the conversion of the infrared radiation with silicon solar cells at the bottom of the concentrators and the increase of the fluorescent concentrator performance
more » ... th photonic structures. We present results of material characterization and of first systems built of fluorescent concentrators and solar cells. A system with a silicon solar cell underneath a fluorescent concentrator with a parallel interconnection of four GaInP solar cells had a total efficiency of 18.8%. With photonic structures the efficiency of a fluorescent concentrator system was increased and it is expected that this effect is even more pronounced on larger systems.
doi:10.24406/publica-fhg-356284 fatcat:7ep3yr4yc5hvbl4osvivqvngcu