Photosensible Spiropyrans used as Thermal Sensor

Ricardo Machado
2017 International Journal of Biosensors & Bioelectronics  
Abbreviations: IR, infrared spectra; MC, merocyanine; SP, spiropyran; UV, ultraviolet radiation Conclusion A sensor with a photochromic or photosensitive response based on functional structures can be used for temperature monitoring. Abstract Photosensor materials are used in large-scale in the industry. These sensors are often used in equipment or products in areas such as health indicators, quality of food products, heating of equipment in the oil and gas industry, by warning danger
more » ... ng danger situations. Unfortunately these sensors are not stable at high temperature. In this way, hybrid organic/inorganic materials can be used to improve the stability of the photosensor materials. Thus, in this work we report and hybrid temperature sensor, applied in equipment with low access to directly monitoring temperature in several processes, by using 1,3,3-trimethylidolino-beta-naftoespiropyran (Spiropyran T0423) in the development of a hybrid thermochromic sensor that indicates visual temperature modifications. The results indicate good agreement with traditional sensor, as Pt 100, but with just chance colour evaluation.
doi:10.15406/ijbsbe.2017.03.00078 fatcat:tq2jvf4bfzcn5o5k7wt54wi4vu