Searching : Waves [thesis]

Spencer Molnar
This supportive statement examines a philosophical conception of the self and how it can be identified through experience, consciousness, and perception by focusing on a human inclination to rationalize, or concretize, that which is everchanging. The methods of exploring this concept were achieved by examining the formal structure of composition and materials through the process of visual art. By pushing against historical traditions of creating spatial illusions in visual art, we can conclude
more » ... hat the legibility of an artwork is equally dependent on the experiential world as it is the social construction of image making. The question that is left unanswered through this examination is whether perceiving a self as an object instead of a process is a result of rationality or compulsion.
doi:10.30707/etd2021.20210719070603180180.52 fatcat:qdenqp256rbptoxkfbizgs255y