Single-frame super-resolution for remote sensing images based on improved deep recursive residual network

Jiali Tang, Jie Zhang, Dan Chen, Najla Al-Nabhan, Chenrong Huang
2021 EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing  
AbstractSingle-frame image super-resolution (SISR) technology in remote sensing is improving fast from a performance point of view. Deep learning methods have been widely used in SISR to improve the details of rebuilt images and speed up network training. However, these supervised techniques usually tend to overfit quickly due to the models' complexity and the lack of training data. In this paper, an Improved Deep Recursive Residual Network (IDRRN) super-resolution model is proposed to decrease
more » ... roposed to decrease the difficulty of network training. The deep recursive structure is configured to control the model parameter number while increasing the network depth. At the same time, the short-path recursive connections are used to alleviate the gradient disappearance and enhance the feature propagation. Comprehensive experiments show that IDRRN has a better improvement in both quantitation and visual perception.
doi:10.1186/s13640-021-00560-8 fatcat:cqarqwxdsnb5tpaj5w4gfzauzy