Biochip-SER Test System for Fluorescent Immunocytochemical Analysis of Ep-CAM Antigen Expression in Effusions and Washes

S.V. Zinoviev, I.G. Terentiev, O.V. Utkin, E.Yu. Furminskaya, E.S. Fedoseeva, M.V. Savostikova
2018 Sovremennye tehnologii v medicine  
The aim of the study was to evaluate the Biochip-SER test system for its ability to measure the expression of Ep-CAM antigen by fluorescent immunocytochemistry. Materials and Methods. We conducted 64 cytological, 64 standard immunocytochemical (SICC) and 64 fluorescent immunocytochemical (FICC) tests using the Biochip-SER test system and samples from 59 patients (45 effusions and 19 peritoneal washings). The study was performed in 4 stages: cytological examination, SICC, FICC using the
more » ... ER system, and control cytological study by the Biochip-SER system. The SICC was performed using the monoclonal antibody (MAB) to the epithelial antigen Ep-CAM; FICC was performed using the MAB to the epithelial antigen Ep-CAM conjugated to the Alexa Flour 488 fluorochrome. Results. FICC test performed using the Biochip-SER test system, showed 100% diagnostic sensitivity and 89% specificity. Conclusion. FICC test carried out with MAB to the Ep-CAM antigen conjugated with Alexa Flour 488 using the Biochip-SER system is a reliable method for diagnosing tumors by testing effusion fluids, which allows us to recommend this system for practical use in specialized institutions and primary points of care.
doi:10.17691/stm2018.10.4.04 fatcat:scvj267q45bblmrkgbhsf6zh2a