Supersymmetry contributions toCPviolations inb→sandb→dtransitions taking account of new data

Yusuke Shimizu, Morimitsu Tanimoto, Kei Yamamoto
2013 Physical Review D  
We study the contribution of the gluino-squark mediated flavor changing process for the CP violation in b→ s and b→ d transitions facing on recent experimental data. The mass insertion parameters of squarks are constrained by the branching ratios of b→ sγ and b→ dγ decays. In addition, the time dependent CP asymmetries of B^0→ϕ K_S and B^0→η ' K^0 decays severely restrict the allowed region of the mass insertion parameter for the b→ s transition. By using these constraints with squark and
more » ... masses of 1.5 TeV, we predict the CP asymmetries of B_s→ϕϕ , B_s→η 'ϕ , and B^0→ K^0K̅^0 decays, as well as the CP asymmetries in b→ sγ and b→ dγ decays. The CP violation in the B_s→ϕϕ decay is expected to be large owing to the squark flavor mixing, which will be tested at LHCb soon.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.87.056004 fatcat:2ymdkdvhlvbzzo23th2pfbt4s4