Investigations on Cold Rolling of Strip in Attendance of Hydrodynamic Lubrication

M Salimi, S Asghari
2018 unpublished
In this paper an analytical model for cold rolling of strip has been described. This model is developed based on the slab method of analysis and the hydrodynamic lubrication. The characteristics of rolling are obtained from the equations of equilibrium and the plate was allowed to strain harden assuming that the lubricant behaves as a Newtonian fluid. The shear stress to the plate is obtained by calculating the thickness of the lubricant film by employing a viscosity-pressure-temperature
more » ... -temperature relation. The governing equations are obtained by composing these relations and the final differential equations have been solved. From the solution of the final equation, the rolling force torque and shear stress to the plate are calculated. To verify the validity of 5 the proposed model, these values are compared with experimental and analytical results of other investigators. It was also noted that by employing the proposed analytical model, a large amount of computation time and costs are saved.