Density-PDFs and Lagrangian statistics of highly compressible turbulence

Ch. Beetz, Ch. Schwarz, J. Dreher, R. Grauer
2008 Physics Letters A  
We report on probability-density-functions (PDF) of the mass density in numerical simulations of highly compressible hydrodynamic flows and the corresponding structure formation of Lagrangian particles advected by the flows. Numerical simulations were performed with 512^3 collocation points and 2 million tracer particles integrated over several dynamical times. We propose a connection between the PDF of the Lagrangian tracer particles and the predicted log-normal distribution of the density fluctuations in isothermal systems.
doi:10.1016/j.physleta.2008.01.009 fatcat:s6urnqpdqvd6vfx6dunfff7yvy