Analysis and Modeling of Attractive Force Using an Electropermanent Magnet and Electromagnetic in a Novel Wobble Gripper

Sang Yong Park, Dongyoung Lee, Buchun Song, Yoon Su Baek
2020 Actuators  
An electropermanent magnet (EM) can be fixed or rotated without applying the additional power of a wobble motor. This consists of a neodymium magnet and semi-hard magnet. A model to design a wobble motor for a wobble gripper without finite element analyses and to predict the attraction force according to the permanent magnet and current is necessary. In this paper, a force model is derived using distribution parameter and magnetic circuit analyses, including flux loss and fringing effects. It
more » ... nging effects. It is not easy to design a complete magnetic circuit model considering the loss effects, but it can be constructed using a relatively straightforward method that simplifies the paths of leaked fluxes into arcs and straight lines. The model was verified by comparing the results of finite element analyses with measurements of two prototypes using internal and external fixed cases. The model properly predicts the attractive force between the rotor and stator and can be used in the initial design of a gripper that holds or rotates with the electropermanent magnet.
doi:10.3390/act9040116 fatcat:znl7ufffabcnfkiwtehd5cxe3y