Perspectives on the use of electrostimulation with the device "VEB"® in the management of disorders related to COVID-19

Valeriy Ye. Babelyuk, Igor L. Popovych, Nazariy V. Babelyuk, Tetyana A. Korolyshyn, Galyna I. Dubkova, Marta M. Kovbasnyuk, Victor Y. Hubyts'kyi, Volodymyr V. Kikhtan, Vira Y. Musiyenko, Iryna G. Kyrylenko, Yuriy G. Dobrovolsky, Igor H. Korsunskyi (+4 others)
2020 Balneo Research Journal  
Background. One of the symptoms of COVID-19 is the so-called "cytokine storm". Its pathogenesis is that the initial release by lymphocytes and macrophages of proinflammatory cytokines in the classical immune response to SARS-CoV-2 is significantly enhanced and maintained due to excessive adrenergic stimulation of the immune cells. The proinflammatory adrenergic mechanism of the "cytokine storm" can be offset by the activation of the anti-inflammatory cholinergic mechanism by non-invasive
more » ... tion of the vagus nerve. In 2015, a generator for electrotherapy and stimulation oh human nerve centers was created, called "VEB-1"®. Preliminary observation of volunteers revealed a modulating effect of a four-day course of electrical stimulation on the parameters of electroencephalogram, metabolism, as well as gas-discharge visualization (GDV). We hypothesized that changes in EEG parameters may be accompanied by a vagotonic shift of the sympatho-vagus balance, favorable for calming the "cytokine storm". The main purpose of this study was to find out. In addition, concomitant changes in EEG, immunity, GDV, etc. due to the use of the devices "VEB-1"® and recently designed "VEB-2" had to be detected. Material and research methods. The object of observation were 18 volunteers: 11 women 33-62 y and 7 men 29-62 y (Mean±SD: 51±12 y) without clinical diagnose but with dysfunction of neuro-endocrine-immune complex and metabolism. In the morning registered HRV ("CardioLab+HRV", "KhAI-Medica", Kharkiv, UA), EEG ("NeuroCom Standard", "KhAI-Medica", Kharkiv, UA), kirlianogram by the method of GDV ("GDV Chamber", "Biotechprogress", SPb, RF), electroconductivity of skin in three pairs of points of acupuncture ("Medissa"), electrokinetic index of buccal epithelium ("Biotest", Kharkiv State University), as well as some parameters of immunity and metabolism. After the initial testing, an electrical stimulation session was performed with a "VEB-1"® or a "VEB-2" devices. The next morning after completing the four-day course, retesting was performed. Results. The effects of electrical stimulation can be divided into the following networks. Regarding EEG, this is a leveling of right-hand lateralization and normalizing decrease in the increased of the amplitude of the θ-rhythm and its spectral power density (SPD) at the loci F3, F7, F8, T3, T4, T6, P3, O1 and O2; further increase of SPD of δ-rhythm in loci F3, F4, T6, P3 and O1 as well as further decrease of SPD F4-α; reversion of the increased level of entropy in loci Fp1, F4, C3 and P3 to the lowered level. Regarding HRV, it is a vagotonic shift of sympatho-vagus balance due to a decrease in elevated levels of sympathetic tone markers and an increase in decreased levels of vagus tone markers, but without normalization. Neurotropic effects are accompanied by favorable changes in a number of immune parameters and a tendency to decrease the level of C-Reactive Protein. Regarding GDV, it is almost complete normalization of the initially increased GDI Area in the frontal projection and third Chakra Energy; normalizing decrease in the initially increased Energy of second and seventh Chakras; normalizing right-hand shift of more or less pronounced left-sided Asymmetry of first and third Chakra. These effects should be clearly interpreted as physiologically beneficial. The effects on these parameters are almost equally pronounced in people of both sexes when using both devices. Conclusion. Vagotonic and immunotropic effects of our device give us a reason to offer it for further research on the leveling of "cytokine storm" in patients with COVID-19.
doi:10.12680/balneo.2020.361 fatcat:wsznhsly6bam7b3zjy356vxcre