Study of alteration in body weight by individual housing of Laboratory mice

Rahimnejad, Babapoor, Mohammadi
2013 J.Vet.Clin.Res   unpublished
Maintenance conditions of domestic and laboratory animals can lead to wide variations in their metabolism. Individual housing is one of the most effective factor which can affect their metabolism. In this study, the effect of individual maintenance on body weight of 28 mice in both solo and group maintenance group for 4 weeks were studied. The results of this investigation showed, the body weight in individual male & female mice was more than group mice as meaningful. Body weight of individual
more » ... ight of individual male mice group, was more than individual female mice group as meaningful that shows more effect of individual life on male mice. Based on these results, it is recommended to have this issue addressed in all the processes of maintenance and breeding of animals that require individual housing.