Robustness of multiqubit entanglement

Leonid Fedichkin, Arkady Fedorov, Vladimir Privman, Eric J. Donkor, Andrew R. Pirich, Howard E. Brandt
2006 Quantum Information and Computation IV  
We survey results on the decay of multiqubit entanglement due to internal interactions between qubits. Dipole-dipole interaction induces decoherence of strongly entangled nuclear spins. The dynamics of spin clusters can be described as quantum decoherence due to an effective composite bath consisting of fully correlated and uncorrelated parts. The rate of decoherence scales up as a square root of the number of entangled spins, resulting in linear scaling of a measure of quantum noise. Our
more » ... um noise. Our theory is consistent with a recent experiment.
doi:10.1117/12.663366 fatcat:hb4epcyhkbc5be4dzcmidqsgdu