A Regional Modeling Study of the South China Sea with High Resolution Hydrostatic and Nonhydrostatic Nested Models of the Luzon Strait [report]

Patrick C. Gallacher
2007 unpublished
LONG-TERM GOALS The goal of this work is to better understand the generation, propagation, modal transformations and interaction of multiple NLIWs (Nonlinear Internal Waves) on the continental slope and shelf using nonhydrostatic models embedded in nested hydrostatic models with realistic forcing and bathymetry. Accuracy will be assessed by hindcasting and forecasting the temperature, salinity and velocity fields for the SCS (South China Sea) north and east of Dongsha island and comparing the
more » ... sults with data from the experiments of this DRI and from the ASIAEX experiment.
doi:10.21236/ada573280 fatcat:ul3htjusmneu5j3yeh6bhy5qe4