"Hello? Are You Still There?" The Impact of Social Media on Self-Disclosure and Reciprocity in Interpersonal Relationships: A Literature Review

Clara Costello
2018 Channels  
Social Media sites have become increasingly popular platforms for developing and maintaining interpersonal relationships. Although the usage of computer-mediated communication is normal in day-to-day life, the understanding behind how and why these relationships grow is scarce. This literature review considers relational elements such as self-disclosure and reciprocity, and how they are impacted by online elements such as an asynchronous context, controllability, and the disinhibition effect.
more » ... ntrary to interpersonal relationships that develop in a physical context, the law of reciprocity is fulfilled and replaced by affirmation and recognition from relational partners, while self-disclosure continues to be a vital element within relationships. Developing an online relationship isn't difficult, but the factors involved are varied and worth exploring in further study.
doi:10.15385/jch.2018.2.2.3 fatcat:k2hebuvba5eixd3qwqbo7eck3e