Moshaf -e- Arzanda Quran with translation (no. 39795) from the National library of IRAN

mahboobe shamshirgarha
2019 Textual Criticism of Persian Literature  
Moshaf -e- Arzanda is one of the Quran with translation (no. 39795) wich has recently been added to the collection of manuscripts of the National Library. In this paper, Moshaf -e- Arzanda has been analyzed about the features refers to appearance, language and spell. This work has artistic significance because of the scribe's beautiful hand in "Naskh". In addition, this valuable manuscript is important for it's old Persian language and the scribe's ancient style of writing, in particular the
more » ... n particular the widespread letters and words with e'rab. The date and place of writing the manuscript, as well as the exact name of the translator, the scribe and the client is unknown. Analysis of the linguistic and drawing features of this text in comparison with some of the works from the first period of Persian language (before the seventh century) especially the translation and commentary of the Qur'an, Suggests its similarity to the works mentioned. In addition, we used the previous achievements of the scholars and textologists refer to this period. however, the exterior features of the work, especially the perfection and beauty of the scribe's hand, and some of its adornments, as well as a few linguistic applications and later applications, shows that Moshaf -e- Arzanda was created about in the eighth century or finally the end of the seventh century. It is unlikely that this manuscript would be related to Heravi, Sistani and Central languages. It is more likely that the origin of the text is in Khorasan and one of the northern or northeast areas.
doi:10.22108/rpll.2019.113357.1389 doaj:c39cdd9b5e6d48ef80b6638835171782 fatcat:imhbgmmnl5ckhayocoyaxfgcfi