P-75 未利用資源"枝葉"のグリーンテクノロジーによる高度利用技術
P-75 Advanced utilization of unused logging residues using green technology

Tatsuro OHIRA, Naoyuki MATSUI, Toshihiko KANEKO
2017 Proceedings of the Conference on Biomass Science  
Unused logging residues left in the forest, such as branches, twigs and leaves, are natural resources currently of no major use. The development of their application is important issue for the construction of sound material-cycle society. Our study has been focused on Todomatsu (Sakhalin fir, Abies sachalinensis) that occupies the half of artificial forest area in Hokkaido. Through the application development of Todomatsu trees, we found a unique function of odorant (essential oil) derived from
more » ... todomatsu leaves that can eliminate the harmful substances (in particular, nitrogen dioxide) quite effectively, and we specified the active compounds comprising the core of detoxifying functions. To make good use of this odorant, we jointly developed the efficient and economical "Vaccumed microwave-assisted steam distillation method", and this technique came to fruition as innovative air-purifier products in various forms. In addition, the extracted leaf residues by this method were found to have deodorization ability. This finding led to the development of functional materials that can be applied to building and interior finishing. In this presentation, we introduce a part of our advanced utilizing techniques of unused leaf and twig resources by green technology based on microwave irradiation.
doi:10.20550/jiebiomassronbun.12.0_199 fatcat:ovinxzzt45fjrbhbcklb7eqvzm