Alumina Porous Ceramics Obtained by Freeze Casting: Structure and Mechanical Behaviour under Compression

Dominique Hautcoeur, Maurice Gonon, Carmen Baudin, Véronique Lardot, Anne Leriche, Francis Cambier
2018 Ceramics  
The aim of the work is to analyse the mechanical behaviour of anisotropic porous alumina ceramics processed by freeze casting (ice templating). The freeze cast specimens were characterised by a lamellar structure with ellipsoidal pore shape, with a size ranging from 6 to 42 µm and 13 to 300 µm for the minor and major axes, respectively, as a function of the freezing rate and the powder and binder contents. The pore volume fraction ranged from 40 to 57%. SEM analysis of the porous structures
more » ... rous structures after the compression test showed a typical deformation pattern caused by the porosity gradient through the specimen, as determined by X-ray radiography. The apparent elastic modulus of the anisotropic porous alumina ranged from 0.2 to 14 GPa and the compressive strength from 6 to 111 MPa, varying as a function of the process parameters which determine the pore network characteristics. The relationships between stress-strain behaviour in compression and the microstructure and texture were established. An analytical model based on a Gibson and Ashby relationship was used and adapted from SEM microstructural analysis after a mechanical test in order to predict the compressive strength of processed anisotropic alumina.
doi:10.3390/ceramics1010008 fatcat:cbhu6g4bm5csdlg35pqifgls34