Modeling of Lightning Strokes Using Two-Peaked Channel-Base Currents

V. Javor
2012 International Journal of Antennas and Propagation  
Lightning electromagnetic field is obtained by using "engineering" models of lightning return strokes and new channel-base current functions and the results are presented in this paper. Experimentally measured channel-base currents are approximated not only with functions having two-peaked waveshapes but also with the one-peaked function so as usually used in the literature. These functions are simple to be applied in any "engineering" or electromagnetic model as well. For the three
more » ... " models: transmission line model (without the peak current decay), transmission line model with linear decay, and transmission line model with exponential decay with height, the comparison of electric and magnetic field components at different distances from the lightning channel-base is presented in the case of a perfectly conducting ground. Different heights of lightning channels are also considered. These results enable analysis of advantages/shortages of the used return stroke models according to the electromagnetic field features to be achieved, as obtained by measurements.
doi:10.1155/2012/318417 fatcat:rj5djg6h2vc4ba6r3efocfqd6y